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Beat the Market Makers – BTMM Strategy

The BTMM v10 Robot runs our proprietary market maker method that allows you to beat the market makers at their own game.

Did you know that every retail forex trader is in a constant fight against market makers? That’s right, you’re in a constant battle against the banks and institutions that provide the most liquidity and therefore control the market.

But this doesn’t have to mean you simply surrender and let them take your money in the form of stop hunts and fake-outs. If you could instead start to think like an institutional trader by using a market maker method, then you no longer have to swim against the tide. This was the sole reason we developed our revolutionary BTMM v10 Trading Robot

The Market Maker Method Employed by our BTMM EA

Profitable trades executed by our BTMM EA don’t just happen by chance. Our team of professional traders has worked countless hours, studying the market maker method. Once you realize that the markets are controlled by market makers, you no other option but to join them.

Market makers are master manipulators by:

  1. Identifying price zones on the charts where retail traders are most likely to have pooled their stops.
  2. Driving price into these zones known as liquidity pools.
  3. Then using that liquidity to take massive positions in the opposite direction.
Beat the market maker btmm

No longer will you be tricked into taking a trade, only to watch your position magically turn and reverse direction on a dime. BTMM EA identifies market maker traps where institutional traders are looking to step in and puts you with them. But best of all, it does this all on autopilot. You’ll no longer be at the mercy of your entirely normal human emotions when you’re making trading decisions.

Our BTMM trading robot helps take emotion out of your trading decisions, executing rational, analytically based trades just like a market maker. The best part is that we’ve made it super easy to use for both new and experienced traders alike. So are you ready to beat the market makers?

Do you Want to Beat the Market Makers?

How would your life change if you had a trading strategy that could beat the market makers at their own game? Our BTMM Expert Advisor allows you to trade the highly profitable beat the market makers trading strategy that was first pioneered by Steve Mauro. All fully automated using our proprietary forex trading robot.

Here’s what the updated BTMM v10 Robot can do:

  • Instant and clear SL and TP prices.
  • Verified 75% winning rate.
  • Trades all pairs fully automatically.
  • No risky strategies – No martingale.
  • Automated market maker setups.
  • 24-hour lifetime support.
  • Free Indicator. Watch video here

All of the BTMM settings required to set up and run this EA on your own broker’s MT4 platform will be made instantly available as soon as you checkout.

Start trading with the banks and institutions, not against them. Beat the market makers by gaining access to our proven BTMM v10 Robot for just $99 today.

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