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Frequent Questions and Tips

How we guide against big losses and drawdowns


Risk Setting

To avoid over leveraging, EA allows 0.1-7% max risk per trade.


Daily Target

EA targets 2-3 times your risk as daily profit and then closes for the day.



Trades are looked to secure profit by moving SL to BE +1 automatically.


Sudden News

Spread widening is one of the major news feature. EA max spread 6pips

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frequently asked questions

Top Most Popular FAQs

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What's the minimum capital and leverage?

Starting Balance: $100
Any Leverage from 1:100
Higher leverage will allow  higher risk per trade on EA settings

How much profit can your robot make?

The profits are highly dependent on the market behavior for a given period and your selected risk per trade. Our robots are highly analytical and will only trade when the market conditions are great. So, during some periods, the robots won’t execute a single trade due to ominous trading conditions, and in other times, they trade and generate multiple profits within a days. Averagely, the profit is between 30-105% a month.

Am new to forex?

The ea can be used by everyone regardless of your trading experience. Our support team will guide you as soon as you get your copy.

What's the delivery duration?

As soon as your payment is confirmed, you will gain access to the secure platform to download your robot.

What are the payment methods?

Credit Cards, Crypto (bitcoin, USDT, Ethereum etc), Perfect Money and Skrill

Contact us if your prefer payment method is not listed on our payment page.

Can I get refund?


We strongly advice all new users to take advantage of our 2week free trial first before committing to longer term subscription.

How can I view your past performances?

Our results are fully verified and approved on myfxbook

Click here to view our performance. 

Is there a guarantee that I won't lose my deposit?

Even though we are highly skilled traders, we tell our customers that the financial market is highly volatile and can change fast. Our robots are powered by artificial intelligence to trade inline with the market market for higher winning rate. Only fraudsters promise risk-free trading; our robots can only guarantee a 80% profitability rate, which is high enough to produce consistent wins for investors.

If your robot is so profitable, why do you sell it?

The answer is very simple. We created this company to reach millions of customers and generate hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue. Only a few people in the whole world can afford to run a personal account with hundreds of millions. So, for us, it makes more sense to run our company instead.

Do you have affiliate program?

Yes! Enjoy 25% on each traders you refer. Click here to get started

How do I setup the EA?

Installation instruction is available on the product page. CLICK HERE

You can also chat with us for more support.

What are are best practices?

Use vps to ensure smooth running of the EA without interference. BEST VPS, click here. Once your daily target is reached, don't try to make more money by resetting the EA options. Allow EA to run for a whole week before judging the performance, don't trash an awesome EA with your impatient. 

Which brokers do you recommend?

Click Here to see our list of brokers

Get 2weeks free EA when you register using the link above then fund your account with a minimum of $100 using any of our two brokers.

Contact us with your new MT4 account number and deposit screenshot to claim your free EA.

Can I use EA with proprietary firm?


Win FTMO, MyFxFunds etc challenge and more but ensure that your proprietary firm allow news trading and overnight position.

Need FREE robot?

Open a forex account with any of our 2 affiliate brokers



Unknow Error Message

Kindly remove EA from other devices. If you run EA on both VPS and PC or if you attach EA to more than 1 chart, this error may occur.

Kindly use EA on single device then run it on just a pair only.

Error 133 Message

Your broker may have 2 types of pairs.

Example: GBPUSD and

If your tradable pair is the pairs with suffix (.xyz) then you can only attach EA to a chart of the same pair.

So kindly change your chart pair to any of your tradable pairs.SOLUTION:

Risk and Leverage Error Message

This error indicates that your select risk is more than what EA allow on your account leverage.

Reduce your EA risk setting or Increase your account leverage

EA Risk, Target or DD Not Accurate

EA captures your account starting balance for the day so any new deposit made on your account will not be applied same day. Which means your risk, max dd or daily target will be calculated using the DAY START balance.

Wait till next day, EA will adjust automatically.

EA Not Trading At All

This is usually due to bad or incorrect time.

Check your PC or VPS time (check vps if EA is on VPS, not PC). Set the time to AUTOMATICALY


EA Detaching From Chart

EA will automatically be removed from chart of an error occurs.

As soon as expert is removed, check your expert log or the pop up message to see the likely error.